So this guy from Texas is running for President…

Yes, it’s Ted Cruz.  And how do I know it’s a big deal?  Because my wife, who is not into politics very much, and leans liberal to boot, heard the news.  She still thinks no one can beat Hillary! though, and that’s an interesting sign for another reason: the news she gets mentioned Sen. Cruz’s announcement, but I none of them have commented much on Hillary!‘s email scandal.  I guess the palace guard (aka the Old Media) still has some power after all.


Nintendo Survey

My son is building a handheld gaming system for school.  Yes, he takes after me.  Why do you ask?

He’s basing it off of these two projects:


Super Game Pi

Part of the project is to get responses to a survey he created.  He’s only got about 20 so far, and he needs 100.  Would you consider spending a minute or two helping a kid?  Especially if you like Nintendo?