When the citizens are ones discriminated against

Another day, another report of an illegal alien who has been deported multiple times, only to re-enter our country and commit felonies.  Again.

The situation is dire enough that we elected Donald Trump because he was the only one who addressed the situation with common sense instead of “compassion”.  Yes, I put it in scare quotes, because when a story like this comes out, how compassionate is it to let just anyone across our borders?  Are we that concerned that this man has access to our citizens?  Is this one of those jobs Americans just won’t do?

Ace said, “We’re all now fugitives in our own country.”  I know he meant that the criminals are released, while ordinary citizens are punished for wanting the criminals punished.  But what if we took it at face value?  That legal citizens are presumed guilty, while trespassers are the only ones presumed innocent?  In the name of peaceful insurrection, perhaps we should all refuse to provide documentation of our status.

It’s only fair, really; if those without passport, birth certificate, or valid social security number are given special (and I really mean better) consideration, then perhaps we can all refuse to provide such documentation.  When we are challenged about being here legally, we can just shrug and refuse to answer.  Make the authorities determine our status.  Reap the benefits while they sort it out.

Would it be difficult?  Yes and no.  Spanish is a fairly easy language to learn, and I think Duolingo does a decent job, and is free; heck, you don’t even have to learn Spanish.  Just choose something real (even Esperanto or Klingon would work).  Just refuse to speak English at any traffic stop, in any hospital, or at any school.  Force them to waste time finding a translator.  This is a step beyond refusing to provide documentation, but makes it more likely that they will not even challenge that you are “undocumented”.

And what’s the point of it all?  Good question.  After all, this adds cost to the very programs bleeding us dry, and strain to the entire system of government entitlements. But first of all, it recoups some of what we have spent our money on.  But second, and more importantly, it exposes the underlying hollowness of such programs.  If you are willing to use the government to support the less fortunate, then start with those who should receive it as part of their citizenship.

And what would happen if this idea caught on, and millions of citizens claimed the benefits that are normally denied them?  Well, Cloward-Piven works both ways, you know.  If the system is designed to fail, let’s push it into failure.  The resulting chaos is just as likely to favor capitalism as is is any other ideology.